Professional, Graphics-Free Website Templates That Loads Lightning-Fast 


Introducing, Super fast FrontPage Templates 


Super fast Front Page Templates Features:

Incredibly fast-loading Front Page website templates. Loads instantaneously (less than 1 second in regular dial-up connection).   

Even if your website has low bandwidth you can accommodate thousands of successful hits on your website with these super fast-loading website templates. These templates' file sizes range from just 4-to just under 10 KB!

(Please note: addition of more text and graphics will increase file sizes)

Totally free of graphics. Of course that does not mean you cannot put graphics in these templates. Putting the right graphics into them would make them truly dazzling websites.

But these templates are designed to look great even without graphics. If you struggle with putting graphics in your website, these website templates are for you. Just put your text in these templates and they are ready to upload.

Highly-professional-looking. These websites are designed to look just like how great websites should look. The creator of these templates is a webmaster and a professional website designer with over 400 websites to his credit. He also has extensive background in arts and online marketing.

Here's what you get when you order Super fast FrontPage Templates package:

This package consists of 22 business websites and 15 direct response mini site templates. See samples below:

22 Business Website Templates 15 Mini Site/Direct Response Templates


When you order this templates package you also get:

The Master Resell and Reprint Rights to this templates package:

A ready to paste html website template similar to this ad

A ready-to-paste html online auction template similar to this ad but altered for use on online auctions

Restrictions: The only restriction with the use of these templates is neither you nor the customers you sell these website templates to are allowed to remove our link on them. Just give credit where credit is due, ok? Otherwise there are no other restrictions.

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